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SCIGRIP #58 Clear 2-part High Strength Polyurethane 50ml
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SCIGRIP 58 is formulated for bonding a wide variety of thermoplastics, including polycarbonate, butyrate, PETG, anti static acrylic, ABS, PVC, polyurethane and foam board to themselves and one another. SCIGRIP 58 is recommended for a variety of applications in the sign assembly industry, especially butyrate trim cap to polycarbonate in channel letter applications. It also has many uses in other plastic fabrication industries for bonding ABS to PETG.

SCIGRIP 58 is a fast curing, clear colorless, 2 component, 100% reactive polyurethane adhesive that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC). When mixed and applied, it polymerizes at room temperature to form high bonds within a few hours. The adhesive has excellent resistance to discoloration by UV light and has excellent lap shear and impact strength.

SCIGRIP 58 is packaged in a twin-syringe cartridge with 50 mil total capacity that dispenses product in a 1:1 mix ratio. The package is designed for use with the MIXPAC 50 dispensing gun. The syringe and gun employ the supplied static mixing nozzle that mixes the product as it travels the length of the mixer from the syringe to the tip of the nozzle. See the mixing instructions included in the adhesive package. Be sure that both adhesive components are flowing freely from the cartridge before attaching the mixing nozzle. When using the mixing nozzle for successive applications, renew the adhesive in the nozzle by extruding and discarding a few inches of the material prior to application to the bonded assembly.

If the mixing nozzle is left on the cartridge for a sufficient length of time without additional use, the adhesive may cure in the nozzle. If this happens, keep the mixing nozzle on the cartridge until you are ready to dispense more adhesive at which time you will need to put a fresh mixing nozzle on the cartridge. Be sure to discard the first few inches again.

The viscosity of this product will allow it to flow between the polycarbonate letter and the butyrate trim cap in most channel letter applications. The application of a reinforcing bead is recommended.

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