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Accu Cutter 4001 13" Guillotine Shear
Regular Price:$2,450.00

The 4001 Guillotine Shear is the newest addition to the Accu Cutter line of dependable, accurate table shears. It is a classic guillotine style bench shear that offers the precision, flexibility and ease of use required by the most demanding operators. The 4001 is currently available in a 13" and 7" shear size.

At first the 4001 appears to be identical to the original 3001 series designed and developed by Accu Cutter for light weight materials. The 4001, however, is substantially different having been strengthened to enable it to cut .080" aluminum and other heavy materials. The improvements include the following:

  • Use of steel. All aluminum has been removed from the cutting action of the shear. In addition the end plates of the shear now are made from plate steel.

  • Strengthened upper blade guides. The front and back upper blade guides are machined as a unit from a single piece of steel.

  • Upper and lower blade supports. In addition to making both the top and bottom blade holders out of steel, stiffeners have been added to both blade holders.

  • Vertical blade attachment. Both the top and bottom blades are mounted vertically which is the strongest position. They are also set in milled pockets that provide a flat mounting surface and support the top edge of the blade.

  • Interchangeable blades. The top and bottom blades for metal are identical.

  • Top blade adjustment. Many heavy duty shears require that the frame be loosened in order to adjust the bottom blade. On the 4001 the bottom blade is in a fixed position. As a result, the 4001 shear frame does not need to be loosened to adjust the bottom blade and remains tight and adjusted. The top blade is adjusted by the use of pressure plates on the front and back of the top blade holder.

  • Aluminum Bronze pressure plates. The four pressure plates that are used to align/adjust the upper blade are made from an aluminum bronze alloy that has great resistance to wear and abrasion.

  • Oil impregnated bronze bushings. The main pivot points of the shear action have oil impregnated bronze bushings for long wear and ease of maintenance.

“Flip-Up Hold-Down”

Accu Cutter’s exclusive “Flip-Up Hold-Down” is standard. When in the down position, it not only is a finger guard, but it also automatically applies pressure to the material to facilitate smooth, accurate cutting. When necessary, the hold-down may be flipped up out of the way to permit easy access to the blades.

Movable Handle

The shear handle may be installed on the left or right of the shear enabling right handed and left handed operators to use the same shear.

Precision Drop-Off Bar

The Precision Drop-Off Bar is full width and is an invaluable aid for making accurate, repetitive cuts. It is mounted to the top blade carrier. In this position it moves up and down with the top blade. It is above the material and doesn't interfere with the material as it falls away from the shear after it is cut. It slides on two alignment rods and is locked in position by turning a knob on each rod.

Step Ruler

The typical ruler is a stamped piece of thin metal. The ruler from Accu Cutter is machined from a solid piece of steel. There are six separate steps involved in its manufacture with the last being a precision grinding of the front edge to insure that the ruler is straight and true. Because of its thickness, it is very stable, and the edge will not lift or distort allowing material to slide underneath the ruler. Lastly, the ruler is stepped to place the measuring edge close to the work surface for easier reading. The ruler is graduated in 1/16th's of an inch.

Shear Capacity

  • Aluminum................................................. .080"
  • Half-Hard Brass......................................... .060"
  • Flexible Plastic........................................... .187"
  • Mild Steel.................................................. .035"

Size & Weight:

  • Size: 26"L x 20"W x 12.5"H (Without handle)
  • Weight: Approximately 165 lbs.
  • Shear must ship by truck, call for freight estimate
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