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Knights Magnetic Products
Magnetic Roll .030" White 40"x33'
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Flexible magnetic sheeting is a thermoplastic, permanent magnetic product with high-intensity, multi-pole magnetic arrangement designed to produce superior holding power on most iron-based metallic surfaces. White vinyl face provides smooth background for a wide range of applications including:

  • Advertising Specialties
  • Automobile Signage
  • Bin Markers
  • Crafts
  • Die-Cutting
  • Display Boards
  • Graphics
  • Hand Lettering
  • Hobbies
  • Hot Stamping
  • Menu Boards

The smooth white vinyl face is compatible with solvent and UV-cured ink set, but always test print before production. Although, the best print result always requires custom profile with your printer and RIP software, a good starting point is the PSA vinyl profile bundled with your software.

General Precautions

Applying any magnetic material to a painted metallic surface without following all instructions for the use and care may result in damage to that surface. By following these instructions, a product user can ensure top performance. Failure to follow these instructions may cause damage to the magnetic material and/or surface to which applied and/or failure of the magnet to maintain its hold. The manufacturer will not be held liable for any damage caused by abuse, misuse, or failure to follow the instructions as follows:

Storing Flexible Magnet
  • Keep flexible magnetic sheet in a clean, dry place.
  • Store rolled stock on end to keep it from developing flat spots.
  • Store rolled sign material on end with the printed or vinyl side out.
  • Stack flat magnet on a level surface; avoid placing heavy objects on top that could damage the face; do not stack with magnetic sides facing each other.
Preparation of Magnetic-Receptive Surfaces
  • For outdoor applications, such as car door signs, the metal surface to which the magnet is applied should be waxed. Before affixing magnetic sheet to a metal surface, be sure all surface paints, clear coats and waxes are properly cured according to specifications of respective manufacturers.
  • Clean the metallic surface and the magnet with mild detergent.
  • Wipe with a soft cloth or allow to air dry.
Application of Flexible Magnet
  • When affix to a smooth, flat or gently curved metallic surface, make sure the entire magnet is flat against the metal surface. Do not place over protrusion, decal or concave area. There must not be any air pockets.
  • The magnet itself should be at a room temperature of 60F (16C) or above when installed to achieve best results.
  • Do not use magnet that has been curled with the magnet side out. The magnet may not attach properly to the metallic surface resulting in lifted corners or air gaps which will weaken its holding strength
  • If the magnet requires re-positioning, remove the magnet from the surface entirely and reaffix. Lift at sides and not at corners and do not pull the magnet across the surface, or it may stretch due to the resistance caused by the high magnetic strength.
  • Do not use on horizontal metal surfaces exposed to direct sunlight such as automobile hoods, or on surfaces with temperatures exceeding 160F (71C) or temperatures below -15F (-26C). Prolonged exposure to cold weather will make the magnet brittle so handle with caution.
  • Do not use over areas with non-metallic body fillers, simulated wood grain siding and repainted surface.
  • Rounded corners are recommended for magnetic vehicle signage to reduce wind drag.
Cleaning of Flexible Magnet
  • To prevent any moisture and dirt buildup between the magnet and the metal surface, remove the magnet at regular intervals. Clean both the magnet and metal surface with mild detergent; wipe with a soft cloth or air dry. For vehicle-mounted signs, it is imperative to remove and clean daily.
  • After waxing and polishing, allow 3-4 days for wax to cure before applying magnets.
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