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Laminate, Thermal
ThermaColor® 10 Mil White Light Block Backer 51"x250'
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Thermacolor products are high quality, low temperature, heat activated films designed for the overlamination and encapsulation of graphic images. Thermacolor protects the image from harmful ultra-violet (UV) light, moisture, dirt, oils and other potential contaminants. The use of Thermacolor on one or two sides lends body to the image for easier handling and display.

TL8000 Series are bright white, opaque, glossy PET films with a heat activated, polymeric adhesive on one side. TL8000 is intended for the backside of graphic images, posters and other printed materials. The use of TL8000 enhances color density, lends depth and vibrancy and helps diffuse light in backlit applications.

Product Information

  • Product Thickness: 5 mil (1/4) and 10 mil (7/3)
  • Surface Appearance: Bright White High Gloss
  • pH: 7.0
  • Roll Wind: Adhesive In
  • Heat Seal Initiation Temperature 180° (82°C)
  • Core Size: 3” I.D.
  • Recommended Storage: Rolls should be stored on end or suspended.

Processing Tip

The suggested laminating temperature is approximately 190°F (88°C) for 3-mil, 200°F (94°C) for 5-mil and 210°F (99°C) for 10-mil Thermacolor at a throughput speed of 3 - 5 ft./minute. The temperature and/or speed may need to be adjusted depending on the specific laminating equipment, thickness of the Thermacolor, and desired throughput speed.

To increase production speed, a temperature increase of 10 - 20°F (5 - 10°C) may permit operating at 10 ft./minute. A high temperature along with a slow running speed could cause blistering or waviness in the final laminate. To correct this problem, try reducing the temperature or increasing the speed. A low temperature and a high running speed could result in incomplete bonding, poor adhesive wet-out (sometimes referred to as “silvering”). To correct this problem, be sure adequate laminating pressure is being used, raise the temperature slightly, or slow the running speed.

Note: Users should determine their own specific lamination conditions in order to optimize performance and operating efficiency on their equipment.

For price comparison, this product costs $0.66 per sq.ft.

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