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"Florence" XX Deep Patent Gold Leaf 25-leaves Book
$69.95 /book
Regular Price:$69.95 /book

Patent Gold (also known as transfer leaf or "gilding in the wind"): Same quality as XX Deep. The leaves are attached to individual pieces of paper. The gold leaf comes off when pressed on a sized surface. Gilder’s tips are not used to remove the individual leaves.

Patent leaf, ideally, should be stored in an environment of 80% humidity and wrapped in plastic. If stored in a dry or warm environment, the leaf may come off the paper. To correct this problem, store in a humid area and place under pressure in order to reattach the leaves to the paper.

If stored in a very hot and humid area, the leaf may not come off the paper. To correct this problem, place the leaf in the refrigerator overnight. (This may not always work).

Each gold leaf pack (box) contains 20 books.

Each gold leaf book has 25 leaves measuring 3-3/8" x 3-3/8".

Each gold leaf pack has 500 leaves.

Coverage: Each gold leaf pack will cover approximately 30 square feet.

One booklet covers 1-1/2 square feet.

Thickness: 0.2 -0.4 microns.

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